The Importance of Eating together- Article by The Atlantic

I came across this article recently and felt that I had a duty to share it.  Why? Because I think it is one of the most fundamental components of a family. My boys (16 and 12 years old) STILL look forward to dinner as a family every night, and even bring friends home to ‘share the love’.  It is the most single important thing for me as a mother, each and every day.  And I love it! Regardless of our differing schedules, I always find a common time we can eat together. Even when it’s 8 or 9pm.  Because it is where we find out about each other’s day, talk about football, school, and the way of the world.  It is where I get to reinforce my connection with my boys every day.   Nearly all my childhood memories are centred around one thing.  The dinner table.  It wasn’t the food, it was the memories of family.

A great article by The Atlantic….here

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