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“Continuous Effort, not Strength or Intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

Imagine waking everyday looking forward to your next training session.

Doesn’t sound like you? Well it could be, just like many of David’s clients who have transformed their attitude towards health & fitness due to our unique training methods.

As our motto Better Today states, we aim to inspire you to be the absolute best you can be, each and every day.  You’ll be amazed how fitness can transform your life.

Personal Training is not just one-on-one training, it’s training which specifically caters to your unique fitness goals.  Whether you’re interested in personal, group, challenge or corporate training, we will ensure you receive the personal attention you deserve as you work toward your goals.

At David Lawrence Fitness we pride ourselves on giving the most personal service available, including in our group sessions. To enable this to fully happen, we have specialist trainers, highly skilled within their field, to ensure continuity of your training.

You will be given a thorough pre-exercise evaluation and consultation to properly ascertain your current level of fitness, goals and motivation.

Throughout your entire time training with David Lawrence Fitness you will be properly motivated and encouraged.  You will be given regular fitness tests and check-up consultations to monitor your progress so your training can be adapted accordingly.

At David Lawrence Fitness, we believe that fitness should be as much a part of your everyday life as brushing your teeth, eating breakfast and going to work.

As David is a multiple business owner and proud father of two young boys, he understands it is not always easy to make time for yourself or fitness.

David prides himself on seamlessly integrating fitness into your already busy lifestyle. He really enjoys seeing the positive flow-on effects of fitness in his clients’ everyday lives, i.e. improved stress management, increased energy and vitality, improved interaction with partners, children and colleagues alike.

Make the change to be Better Today and call David now!

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Our clients are guaranteed success in achieving their fitness goals under our guidance.