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Posted on May 18, 2015

Team NB’s Sarah Brown understands that motivation doesn’t always come easy, but that it’s a necessity on the road to achieving any goal. Although she is a member of the NB distance medley relay team that set the world record in February and a 1500m semi-finalist at the 2013 World Championships, Sarah continuously works on being mentally tough to conquer any and all workouts on her training schedule.

Below, Sarah shares her secrets to how she extends #MotivationMonday through the entire week.

Q: I’ve lost motivation. How can I jump-start my workouts?

A: I believe the key to maintaining motivation is to be actively training toward a particular race and goal. Map out your performance goals and race schedule ahead of time. And when I say, “Map it out,” I mean write it down! Voicing your goals and seeing them on paper help to keep you accountable. I think it’s also important to mix up your workouts to stay mentally engaged. Try out a new yoga class or fitness studio. Also, take a friend! Having someone else to hold you accountable is always motivating.

Q: What mottos keep you going?

A: I have always loved the quote, “To ever achieve greatly, you must dare to fail greatly.” It reminds me that it is important to take some risks and push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s easier to lose motivation when you stay in your comfort zone because you never gain the thrill and rush of trying something new and pushing yourself to a new standard. Those risks are what keep you coming back for more. (Growth Mindset)

Q: What resolutions do you make when you want to pick back up on your goals?

A: When I am trying to get back on track toward my goals, I focus on doing the little things right. It can sometimes be overwhelming if you try to change too much too fast. You have to build up to it.

Q: How do you transition your workouts from season to season?

A: My workouts transition around the track season. The fall and winter are spent building a stronger base. I do more aerobic workouts. Then my spring workouts are used to sharpen my speed and speed endurance. I do high-end lactate workouts to get ready for a summer of fast racing. The different training phases help keep me motivated because I know that each phase brings a new challenge, but it’s the combination of all of them that are key to reaching my end goals.

Q: What’s your biggest fitness challenge and how do you overcome it?

A: For me, I struggle with weight training. Weightlifting and building strength off the track are key components in my middle-distance events. However, I’ve always struggled with it. To overcome, I really work on my attitude when I enter the weight room. Instead of focusing on the negatives, I focus on just doing a little better than the time before. Adjusting my attitude about something I dislike doing has helped to make me mentally tougher all around.

Q: How do you overcome defeat or discouragement?

A: Again, I think the key to overcoming defeat and discouragement is your attitude. Positivity! You have to learn that your failures are what make you better. Failures help you grow as a person and as an athlete, which leads to success.

Q: It’s hard to stick to healthy-eating goals. What tricks do you have when you want pizza instead of something healthier?

A: Honestly, I eat the pizza! But I also make sure to include a big salad with lots of vegetables. The key to a healthy diet is a balanced diet, and sometimes that means indulging. Mmm, chocolate!

Q: Sometimes it’s frustrating not to see results from hard work. Is it possible to overcome that and stay on track?

A: There are always highs and lows, but stressing over the low points is only going to make them worse and likely last longer. A positive attitude will help you get through the rough periods and maintain balance. Trying a new workout class and working out with a friend can help you to stop focusing on your frustrations and enjoy the process again.


Dave Vella
 – Level 2 Fitness Professional, Level 1 Strength and conditioning Coach, Qualified Children’s Trainer.

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