Message for the New Year

Below is a real picture from our bathroom. It shows just one of the ways my altra thrifty wife squeezes every last cent out of her monthly budget. She literally “gets more outta her toothpaste”
So what has my wife’s toothpaste got to do with 2018?
Simple. Are you going to get the most outta your toothpaste in 2018?
Are you going to challenge yourself to get better, be better, go further and push yourself to the point that in 365 days time you know that you have squeezed 100% out of every aspect of your life in 2018.
For the kids I work with….. this current trip to Italy has shown me even more clearly how 99% will never be enough (more on this in later posts).
For the Adults ……. I challenge you (as I do myself) to never throw away your toothpaste in 2018 until you are 100% sure that there is nothing left. Then stop . Just before you throw it out, Roll it, Strip it and Squeeze it and find that little extra 
There are 24hrs in each day so squeeze each one dry
Here’s to an excitingly exhausting 2018 🎉

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