Dispelling Myths about Motivation and Hard-work (Workshop)

For Athletes, Parents and Coaches!

The Best Investment In Your Sporting Future!

Why are some kids more motivated than others?
How can coaches and parents motivate their kids to do more? How can we get our kids off the couch?
How “hard” should kids work?
How do we know when we are doing the “right” things?

Perfect for youth athletes, parents and coaches, this 2-hour workshop will answer these questions and more. It’s not 1982 anymore so why do many parents and coaches tell their kids the same things their parents told them? Why do we still use outdated training methods designed for kids of a different generation? We all know that kids today are different, so coaches need to be too!

Conducted by ASSA, ASCA and FA trained coach David Vella, this one day workshop is for athletes, parents and coaches and is guaranteed to change the way you train and motivate yourself and your kids.

Well know for his ability to motivate and inspire young people, David will share some of the methods that he uses to help countless young people strive for and achieve more. David will also redefine the term “hard-work” and challenge you to be more considered in your approach to motivation and training.

Date: Saturday 25th November
Location: Springfield: 9am-11am
Cleveland: 3pm-5pm
Cost: $35 (includes 1 child and 1 adult)
More info/booking: david@davidlawrencefitness.com.au or 0404 082 770

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