Yearly Archives: 2017

Some Christmas Fun!

NO EXCUSES - TOP TEN CHRISTMAS WORKOUTS If you didn't get your plan from David while he's away, make sure you email him!  If you would like some fun ways to workout, look no further! @babbel have you covered right here (photo courtesy of free image    ...
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Low Fat Christmas Dessert Ideas!

It's always difficult to find recipes that taste great, and don't end up on your hips! Here's a great idea for a Christmas dessert that you can enjoy without feeling toooooo guilty! Click here Healthy Food Guide Australia is my favourite place to find great recipes that cater for all types of eaters....
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Dispelling Myths about Motivation and Hard-work (Workshop)

For Athletes, Parents and Coaches!

The Best Investment In Your Sporting Future! Why are some kids more motivated than others? How can coaches and parents motivate their kids to do more? How can we get our kids off the couch? How "hard" should kids work? How do we know when we are doing the "right" things? Perfect for youth athletes, parents...
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