ROLE: Master Trainer – Elite Sports Training, Youth Training Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Coach


  • Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
  • Exercise Scientist (ESSA)
  • Level 3 Exercise Professional (Fitness Australia)
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA)
  • Sport Speed and Agility Coach (ASSA)
  • Founder of CSC + CYC programs
  • Youth & Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • Certificate in Applied Nutrition
  • Punch Boxing
  • Kick Pad Instructor
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Working with Children Bluecard

David has always been passionate about sport, health and fitness.  He spent most of his teen years playing football, running and weight training.

David joined the Australian Army as a 17 year old in 1996, and was enlisted into RAINF (Infantry Corp).

After only eighteen months, David completed an intense 3 month Sub-Unit Physical Training Course.  With outstanding results, David became part of the Physical Training Cell for 5/7 RAR, an Infantry Battalion of approximately 700 men.  David and his Superior were responsible for all training programs within this unit, encompassing all soldiers, officers, reconnaissance and snipers.

During his six and a half years in the army, David trained people who were overweight or needed rehabilitating, as well as those in special forces and external organisations including the NSW Police Academy.

During his time in the Army and since leaving, David has attended numerous health and fitness courses and conventions as well as continuously studying with his mentors and peers.

David is passionate about inspiring people to be better everyday, and he is definitely the right person to help you achieve your goals.

David is committed to creating the best, non-intimidating environment and giving the most personal service and advice available.  David understands that some people feel like they just can’t enjoy fitness, but he guarantees that under his training you will love fitness and love your results!

David’s number one goal is helping you reach yours.  He aspires to improve his own fitness each and every day.