Group Training


Most mornings and/or evenings you can join us for sessions that will really test your strength in every way – and have you asking for more.

Our Group Training sessions are fun and energetic – and so are the people who attend them! Although a 60 minute personal training session before or after work doesn’t seem like a barrel of laughs, we have so much fun together while spurring each other to greater heights, both physically and mentally. By the time the session finishes, you are pumped up, energetic and ready for work, mum and dad duties, weekend sports, hitting the markets, or enjoying the outdoors in other ways.  Good luck keeping up world!

Our group training sessions are constantly varied, encompassing cardio and strength training, boxing and combat fitness!  You’ll never get bored!

Challenge yourself each and every session, improving your fitness, strength and health. Unleash your potential – Be Better Today.

Call us now to find out more! At $30 per week for UNLIMITED sessions, there is sure to be lots of sessions for you!

David Lawrence Fitness.
14 South Street, Thornlands,
Queensland, 4164.

Mobile: 0404 082 770