I just like to say thanks for a great weekend and what a inspiring bunch of people you train as well as yourselves. It was a great feeling to have people cheering for me as i was running past you guys it felt so strange to have people do that and pat you on the back and saying what a great job when I had finished (even tho i am still not happy with the time)not used to that usually do the run than go home, each and every person in your team inspires me in their own special way they are a great bunch of people. Thank you so much for making my friend Ranee welcome I know that she had a great time as well and the food was just awesome. Thank you I feel so proud to be part of an awesome team and I am looking forward to so much more and I know that with your killer training and my determination I can and I will achieve so much more. I am so glad i have joined DLFS and cant wait to achieve so many more goals. BRING ON THE CHALLENGE


I want to say a big thank you for the weekend – not just for all the food(which was too good) but also for the support you both give to enable us to achieve. The weekend was inspiring not just for running but all the friendships I have made along the way so THANK YOU.


“I have not exercised much in my life at all and have always felt intimidated by gyms. My excuse of the past few years has been, “I have two children and a husband and we run a business, there is no time for any exercise!” Now I have ENERGY, I am happier and I can get through the day without falling asleep after 2pm. David is not only training me to get fit, but has helped me to make goals…..and actually reach them. Now I actually look forward to training (shock horror if my family or friends are reading this!), it has made me a better person, for my husband, my children and for ME!”